>Max Martin, Grammy winning producer and writer of 22 Billboard #1 hits
“Jonny played an incredible set in Napa, it was an honor to meet him and watch him perform.”
>Shellback, Grammy winning producer and songwriter
“Jonny’s timing and rhythm were amazing, and I loved his songs.”

"Jonny's performance in Napa was flawless!"
> Eric McCormack, Emmy award winning actor, Will from "Will & Grace"

"An exceptional songwriter, a brilliant guitarist." - Untold Music Promotion

“This album (Onward & Upward) is brilliant, from start to finish and having now listened to it three times through, I have to make you aware of a rarity in this business – this album gets better with each listen.” - Exclusive Magazine

"I've got three words on that [song], 'I LOVE IT'" - Ronn Owens, The Best Music You've Never Heard, KGO Radio (Ronn picked "Faith" as his favorite)

“On this beautiful disc (Onward & Upward), we get a mix of all kinds of emotions…great stuff…Strong album you need to play again and again…superb.” - Keys & Chords


> Aijia, singer/songwriter, wife of Andy Grammer
"Your song 'Melodies and Memories' is mine & Andy Grammer's fav! Keep hustling brother!"

















> Matt Nathanson, platinum-selling recording artist
"Jonny is fucking awesome!"

















"Jonny is not just another guest on my show, he is also a former student and a talented artist who I've kept my eye on for some time. He has been ascending for almost a decade by my watch. He has studied the business, worked hard, and lined his ducks up nicely. This is his time. I'm honored to be able to document this part of the journey before the launch. It's an exciting time for him, and I'm excited about what's next for him with the release of Onward & Upward." - Gian Fiero, Working in the Music Industry

"Jonny Zye is a talented and skilled singer and songwriter.  When those of us at the station listen to his music, we feel a deep need to share it.  His album, Onward & Upward, is a must-have." - West Coast Golden Radio